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Alejandra Metallic-Janvier

Listiguj Mi’qmaq First Nation, QC

Alejandra is focused on exploring and finding solutions to the impacts of intergenerational trauma caused by colonial violence. Alejandra has seen how the science community lacks a solid understanding of how trauma can be passed down through generations on a biological and psychological level and as a result, acknowledges that there is a lack of concrete solutions and resources for Indigenous peoples who suffer from this trauma. It is her goal to use her education to study intergenerational trauma from a scientific perspective and apply that knowledge to initiate a brighter, positive future for Indigenous peoples in Canada. Alejandra has made the Dean of Science Honours List and been chosen to work on an exceptional research project with Dr. Kim Matheson, Director, and Professor in the Department of Neuroscience at Carleton University. This project will explore how intergenerational exposure to harmful colonial policies have affected Indigenous youth in terms of cultural understanding and pride. Their focus will be on the self-expression of youth through the arts, as a means to reclaim their Indigenous identity and how the youth view this in relation to their mental health.

The funding received from the NIB Trust Fund has helped Alejandra immensely on her education journey and gave her the ability to focus solely on her studies and reaching her goals. The scholarship enabled her to purchase important studying resources that will bring long-term benefits in terms of ease and efficiency in the education process.

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