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Délı̨nę Got’ı̨nę Government

Strong like Two Minds - Délı̨nę Traditional Knowledge Eco Arts Camp 2020, Northwest Territories

The community of Délı̨nę is a remote, fly-in First Nations community with a small population and with the NIB Trust Fund’s support, they had the chance to give their youth a unique summer camp experience. The summer camp was run by youth workers who planned and coordinated with the assistance of the community leaders. Youth ranging in ages from 10-18, spent weeks on the land with elders, community experts, local resource managers, and scientists learning about Délı̨nę resource management and connecting with the natural environment. The summer camp also included contemporary music training, created music compilations, discovered music development, and connected traditional Dene practice in music. The camp also weaved Délı̨nę cultural teachings through games, story telling with an emphasis on on-the-land stories, and craft making using local resources. Sport and fitness were included through games such as “stick pull” which helped teach the youth about using local resources and using bear grease to coat the stick to test your opponent’s strength while also building strong hands for fishing season.

The summer camp created an environment where the youth were eager to participate and learn from their community members and receive teachings that will help them continue the Délı̨nę ways of being and stewardship of the environment.

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