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Young Warrior Project

Victoria Native Friendship Centre , British Columbia

The Young Warrior Program that is offered by the Victoria Native Friendship Centre is intended to empower youth ages 7-12 and connect them with resources offered through the Friendship Centre. Youth are provided with the opportunity to participate in twice-weekly groups that teach the youth to strengthen their decision-making skills, taking care, and finding balance. Some of the topics covered are healthy relationships, bulling and identifying bullying, boundaries, empathy, mindfulness, anxiety, and self-care. The curriculum is taught through sharing circles, journaling, games, and activities. The program has an art therapist who provides some engaging art activities. The topics for each session also incorporate culture, such as sharing circles and storytelling. At the end of the program there is an opportunity for the youth to learn how to make a medicine pouch or drum.  The Victoria Native Friendship Centre is providing an environment for youth to learn, grow, and explore different interpersonal skills and connect with local elders who act as mentors, cultural advisors, and wisdom keepers to the youth.

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