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Continuing Their Journey

The “Continuing Their Journey” Program is to support First Nations communities and survivors in their aspirations with for projects of healing, ceremony, research, memorialization, and bringing children home in relation to the recovery of children in unmarked graves. These traumas are a direct harm that the NIB Trust Fund is committed to addressing with the Continuing Their Journey Program.  

The ‘Continuing Their Journey’ is accepting applications regarding the following:

  • Survivor Support Groups
    Support for Indian Residential School Survivor Support Groups to help with survivors mental health supports, healing journeys, ceremonies, counselling, or other programs survivors deem needed to address the traumas.
  • Healing and Ceremony
    Healing and ceremonies includes counselling, healing circles, ceremonies, and reconciliation efforts to address the impacts of traumas.
  • Research, Engagement, and Knowledge Gathering
    Research, engagement, and knowledge gathering regarding Indian Residential school, and Indian Residential school-related cemeteries marked and unmarked, identified sites and yet to be identified sites. This can include but not limited to engaging with Survivors, researching, and compiling local records and archives.
  • Memorialization and Commemoration
    Memorialization and commemoration of First Nations children who lay in Indian Residential school or Indian Residential school-related cemeteries.
  • Bringing Children Home
    Bringing First Nations children home from these marked and unmarked graves at Indian Residential school and Indian Residential school-related cemeteries. This can include identifying potential burial sites by conducting field surveys and archaeological investigations, holding on-site ceremonies, and relocating burial sites.

The “Continuing their Journey” Program is a NIB Trust Fund Program. Qualified Donee Status and/or Registered CRA charitable status will not be required for “Continuing Their Journey” projects. 

All applications must have written support from leadership and survivor involvement. We would recommend any prospective applications to have this letter ready prior to confirming their interest in applying for this new program.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact [email protected].

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