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Learn more about how we were created, where the money in the NIB Trust Fund came from and other answers.

How long will funding be available through the NIB Trust Fund?

Plans are in place to ensure the longevity of the NIB Trust Fund, with the goal of offering funding for First Nations and Métis individuals and organizations through a competitive application process for the next 20 years.

Where did the money in the NIB Trust Fund come from?

The funds currently available in Trust were identified in the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement for education programs aimed at healing and reconciliation.  This is not a formal compensation package for former students of Indian Residential Schools. The Common Experience Payment, Independent Assessment Payment and Personal Education Credits are complete. The funds now in Trust are available to First Nation and Métis individuals, governments and organizations.  Preference will be given to former Indian Residential School Survivors.

Q11: What are the application deadlines?

11. Application deadlines are at 5:00 pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) on the date stated on the application form.

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