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The Individual Call for Application is now closed.

We are no longer accepting applications as the deadline was June 5, 2020 5:00PM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)

Local Time as described below

  • British Columbia (Pacific Daylight Time) PDT: 2:00pm
  • Alberta (Mountain Daylight Time) MDT 3:00pm
  • Saskatchewan (Central Standard Time) CST 3:00pm
  • Manitoba (Central Daylight Time) CDT 4:00pm
  • Ontario (Eastern Daylight Time) EDT 5:00pm
  • Quebec (Eastern Daylight Time) EDT 5:00pm
  • Nova Scotia (Atlantic Daylight Time) ADT 6:00pm
  • New Brunswick (Atlantic Daylight Time) ADT 6:00pm
  • Prince Edward Island (Atlantic Daylight Time) ADT 6:00pm
  • Newfoundland and Labrador (Newfoundland Daylight Time) NDT 6:30pm
  • Northwest Territories (Mountain Daylight Time) MDT 3:00pm
  • Yukon (Pacific Daylight Time) PDT 2:00pm

The next call for Individual Applications will be available in the April 2021.

**Attention Group/Organization Applications**

The Group/Organization call for proposals will be available in the November 2020. 

We will be accepting applications for education programs aimed at education, healing and reconciliation. These funds are available to First Nation and Métis governments and organizations.