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Upper Skeena Development Centre Society

“We brought back culture and traditions of the Gitxsan people through art, language, song, traditional food, and medicines. As a result, program participants are more confident, open and speak with pride and hope about their language, culture and identity.”

Bridges for Women Society

“Thank you to the NIB Trust Fund for investing in the healing and resilience of Metis Women. Often it is a challenge for Metis survivors who suffer traumas to access funding for professional counselling and be able to access Metis-specific trauma informed programs. This program was indeed life changing for the women who participated.” – Victoria Pruden, Executive Director, Bridges for Women Society

Upper Nicola Indian Band

“The Kwu Xast program provided language workshops and training to teach Okanagan language.  Students participated in field trips to traditional territories and enjoyed knowledge keeper storytelling”

Swan River First Nation

"The NIB Trust Funds has provided an opportunity for Swan River First Nation to assist students in the revitalization of the Cree language and culture in our community through Cree language classes, head start programming and several cultural activities. The Metoni kwayask awasisak kistohtamowsowak nehiyawin program allowed the youth to feel a sense of pride and are working towards making healthy life choices.” 

Indigenous Languages of Manitoba Inc.

“The Manitoba Aboriginal Language Strategy (MALS) is a committee driven strategy to revitalize, retain and promote the survival of Indigenous languages in Manitoba. Receiving funding has enabled the organization to move forward in the development of an Indigenous focused language teacher training certification program. This is a significant project for Manitoba, and we are incredibly grateful to the NIB Trust Fund for the opportunity to make it a reality.”

Ontario Native Literacy Coalition

“The Indigenous-Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (I-STEAM) program was developed as a targeted learning resource for adult literacy. The program is filled with exciting and innovative lesson plans for every level. The I-STEAM program helps students to understand that Indigenous peoples have always had this knowledge in their ancestors’ repertoire to survive since time immemorial. The Ontario Native Literacy Coalition (ONLC) would like to see more students pursue careers in these areas and to know it is genetically embedded in their DNA to be leaders in these fields.” -Michelle Davis, CEO, Ontario Native Literacy Coalition

University of Victoria

“I have been inspired and humbled for the opportunity to work alongside our partners from Chisasibi Cultural and Heritage Centre. The protection of the Cree language, stories, cultural history, and traditional practices – this demonstrates their resilience and strength in response to colonization, the impact of residential schools, and the relocation of the entire community. While the University of Victoria is just a small part of their journey, I think that it’s significant to mention that we had 23 graduates. This speaks to the significance and impact of co-developing educational programs with community partners and stakeholders.” -Tania Muir, Director of Cultural Management Programs, Division of Continuing Studies, University of Victoria

Wemindji Cree Nation

 “I was thinking last night before I went to bed about the language and the meaning of words and I remembered hearing my grandmother and aunt talking to me before I went to residential school.  It’s different now, the language, people don’t speak that way anymore.  I was thinking after our class last night, that what we are learning, this is the right way how to say it.” – Wemindji Community Cree Language Program Student

Brooke Cochrane

Intergenerational Survivor

Antoine Mountain

Indian Residential School Survivor