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Maamiikwendan (Remembering)

National Indigenous Residential School Museum of Canada, MB

The program also aims to help enhance understanding regionally of the effects of Indian Residential Schools and the how the system left lasting impacts on Indigenous people. The museum also aims to provide people with a welcoming place to learn about different cultures and gain an understanding of how the Ojibway people traditionally and presently interact with the world. The program was designed to help preserve and restore the Ojibway language for people in the community and anyone wishing to learn. To develop the language components, traditional stories and songs were recorded and the museum hopes to eventually make them available on kiosks where users can explore the language.

Funding from the NIB Trust Fund has helped provide the equipment and tools for the museum that will be used to help promote the Ojibway language and teach about the effects the Indian Residential Schools System left on the Indigenous populations within the region. The museum can continue promoting and supporting reconciliation by educating non-Indigenous people on the history and legacy the Indian Residential Schools left behind through the voices and faces of the survivors themselves. 

NIB Trust Staff

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